Image: Under Republican majority, U.S. Senate votes to LEGALIZE hemp farming across the nation

30 June, 2018 by

(Natural News) One of the key goals of Republicans is to limit government, end absurd regulations and set farmers free to generate economic abundance across the nation. In a stunning move led by U.S. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky), the United States Senate has now passed legislation that ends hemp prohibition and would allow farmers across the nation to cultivate hemp.

“The bill would legalize hemp, removing it from the federal list of controlled substances and allowing it to be sold as an agricultural commodity,” reports The Hill.

This is on top of President Trump’s recent announcement that he would work to end marijuana prohibition at the federal level.

Simultaneously, the FDA has just approved the first cannabis-derived prescription drug, made from purified cannabidiol (CBD). Alongside this approval, federal agencies are reportedly on schedule to remove CBD from Schedule I status at the federal level, allowing the CBD pharmaceutical to be legally sold nationwide. (Yes, isn’t it fascinating how interesting the government legalizes something when there’s Big Pharma money at stake…)

A “golden age” for U.S. farmers may be just around the corner, thanks to Republicans

The U.S. Senate’s decriminalization of the agricultural production of hemp could unleash a golden era of economic abundance for U.S. farmers. Hemp agriculture can produce hemp seeds, hemp oils, hemp protein, hemp fiber and literally hundreds of derivative products. Currently, thanks to insanely wrongheaded hemp prohibition laws in the United States, all those products must be imported from Canada or other countries. Should the U.S. House of Representatives join the Senate in passing this legalization law, we could see a true agricultural revolution across America (and a lowering of costs of hemp products).

All this activity begs the question, though: Why has it taken 80+ years to correct the massive propaganda hoax that led to the criminalization of marijuana in the first place? And how did the deep state maintain the propaganda so effectively across so many decades? Today’s Russia collusion hoax, by the way, provides a few clues: If the FBI, DOJ and left-wing media all conspire to repeat a lie over and over again, half the country will believe it.

The fake news media has been lying about cannabis for almost a century, just as they continue to lie about natural medicine, herbal remedies and anti-cancer nutrition. Honestly stated, the long-held belief that marijuana makes people crazy was fake news from the 1930s. Fake news has long been pushed by the establishment to deny us all access to natural medicine that grows like weeds. And now, they’re only legalizing it because they can no longer halt the tidal wave of awakening that’s happening globally thanks to readers like you.



The Amazing History of the Hemp Plant

Hemp Plant

The Ras Tafari Nation have been murdered, beaten, prosecuted, imprisoned, humiliated and belittled more so than any other group of people for there association with Hemp. Known by an assortment of names including Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, Bhang, Dagga, Ganga, Grass, Kiya, Kallie, Marijuana, and Weed; Hemp is a plant grown in most parts of the world, ganja is a bushy shrub which can grow up to 4m high. The palmate leaves that are serrated are distinctive. The plants can either be male or female and the stem of the plants become very fibrous when mature.

Hemp Since The Beginning Of Time

The incredible journey of the hemp plant (Cannabis genus) begins over 8,000 years ago at the dawn of human civilization.  It is believed to have originated high in the Mountains of Kush Ithiopia), where the early inhabitants discovered its’ potent qualities.  For thousands of years the hemp plant was used as a source of fiber for textiles, a food source, and a basis for many medicines.  Most early clothing was made of Hemp fiber, which is widely revered for its exceptional durability and mold-resistant qualities.

From the early days of ocean voyages in the 5th century B.C. until the late 19th Century and the dawn of the steam engine, most ships’ canvas sails and shipping ropes were made of hemp fiber.  In fact the English word ‘canvas’ is thought to derive from the Greek word for hemp (Cannabis).

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