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Tommy Robinson: Germany Fights Back!

Rebel Media

Published on 8 Feb 2018

The first in our three-part series in – where we document the resistance coming from ordinary Germans who are fed up with what’s been happening to their country.

We started out in Cottbus, where we heard about the fatal stabbing of a 15 year old girl called Mia in Kandel, by a ‘child’ migrant who was taken in and looked after ‘like a son’ by her parents.

We also heard about a young boy who was stabbed in the face when trying to protect his girlfriend from a Syrian migrant who was groping her as they walked through a local park.

Keep your eyes on Germany, 2018 is the year when German women will lead the way to speak out against the horrific crimes taking place across Europe thanks to undocumented, mass migration.



Migrants attack German ambulance crew: Emergency doctor suffers traumatic brain injuries

Two migrants have attacked the crew of an ambulance in Ottobrun. The emergency doctor suffered a broken jaw, brain injuries and lost several teeth, Abendzeitung reports.

The emergency vehicle drove up to the nursing home on “Ottostrasse” to assist emergency responders and responders from the Ottobrunn fire brigade, who were treating a life-threatening illness there.

While the emergency services of the fire brigade was in the building, the emergency ambulance vehicle of the hospital Neuperlach arrived.

At that moment, a 20-year-old African migrant attacked the vehicle and threw a full bottle of whiskey on the window on the passenger side of the vehicle from about one and a half meters away.

The bottle broke through the window, hit the emergency doctor sitting in the car in the middle of the face and knocked out several teeth.

She suffered a broken jaw, traumatic brain injuries and facial cuts. The paramedic who drove the vehicle, suffered light cuts from the splintering of the glass.

The migrant duo, who were violent earlier that evening, are a 17-year-old Ethiopian and a 20-year-old Eritrean who are said to be unaccompanied ‘refugees’.

Before the ambulance incident the men wanted to enter the youth centre in Ottobrunn after 8 pm with a trolley filled with alcoholic beverages. When a supervisor barred their entrance, he and a colleague were attacked.

The migrants fled and later attacked the ambulance. The men were arrested but the police faced heavy resistance from people who wanted to help them.

Unconfirmed reports say, that besides the perpetrators, several other people were arrested at the scene. The bottle thrower will meet the local magistrate on Saturday.


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