21 May, 2018 by Adam Goldberg

Several years ago, back in 2012 a Salinas, California girl 12 years of age discovered that every single United States president except one shares a common ancestor: King John of England.

BridgeAnne d’Avignon put together one of the most bombshell school projects possibly in the history of forever, reporting to local news outlet WFMY that “They all have the trait of wanting power.”

Tracing back her own bloodline to France, this girl who was in seventh grade in 2012 spent months going over 500,000 names to find this common ancestor of all presidents.

For nearly six decades, her then 80 year old grandfather traced his roots, and it was his info that helped her discover the truth about these presidents. Her findings were fully confirmed as legit.

They certainly do all bear the trait of seeking power. So many questions can be raised by this undeniable, confirmable fact that almost every single US president is related to the king. First of all, to make sure the logic is airtight concerning theories of why all these leaders would be related to royalty, let’s ask a few questions.

Are a lot of Caucasian, ethnically English people actually related to royalty without knowing it?

Not really, judging by at least the descendants of King John of England. Apparently every single one can be found listed on this page that only contains a little over 800 names in the several centuries following the death of King John.

So we can get that out of the way: this isn’t just a thing that everybody discovers when they search through their lineage. A blood connection to royalty is not to be taken lightly, let alone a connection involving the people representing the highest position of government power in a country all sharing one common royal ancestor.

This is a massive anomaly no matter how a person looks at it. Even the two candidates for president on numerous occasions has been two descendants of King John.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both descendants of King John. Let that sink in.

Now, who was the one president to be excluded from this list? Martin Van Buren, the 8th president of the United States who was in office from 1837 to 1841. There wasn’t a lot that distinguished his policy moves as president from the rest of them, according to the mainstream history.

In any case, the one king who all of these people descend from was the one who signed the famous Magna Carta in 1215. Mainstream history of course tells us that this was a landmark moment in which the monarch’s power was limited by an agreement between this king and the civilians, but what if it wasn’t?

The Magna Carta helped form the British Parliament, and some argue that it was sort of a Trojan Horse designed to begin the illusion of freedom for a civilian class of people, or perhaps more appropriately serfs, or peasants.

Truth be told, when a person looks into the family members of the royals, one by one it can be observed that they belong to a plethora of suspicious and disturbing secret societies, fraternal orders, and apparently “coincidental” auspicious seats of power.

For instance if you look into the royal families of Spain or Sweden currently, you’ll find relative upon relative from all the other royal families of Europe, from places like Germany and Prussia, England or France.

Did you know that the King of Sweden is by default the leader of a Freemasonic society called the Order of Charles XIII? The royal family of a nation perfectly, carefully disguised as some peaceful, uneventful Nordic country that is so civilized and safe is preserving a monarchy, a power right in front of the world and maintaining the perfect low-key rulership.

It’s all truly so incesteous and strange, we’re going to have to get used to analyzing these people because it certainly doesn’t end with them, but these power cliques are a factor in our understanding of the world that cannot be ignored any longer.

Whatever the reason these people choose to keep it all in the family, we better get wise or risk becoming the victims even worse than we have already been.

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Source: http://www.fbnewspost.com/12-year-old-girl-discovers-that-all-but-one-us-president-are-directly-related-to-each-other/