Aerial view of the Crimean bridge. © Vitaly Timkiv / Sputnik

17 May, 2018

It took thousands of people and 27 months to build a 19km bridge connecting Crimea to Russia’s mainland. This is how the titanic construction project unfolded – compressed in tree minutes of stunning timelapse footage.

The Crimean bridge was opened earlier this week for cars. The video clip was produced from footage taken throughout the long months of construction to commemorate the date in honor of all the hard work put into the project.


US Journalist Urges Ukraine to Blow Up Russia’s Crimea Bridge

This is the kind of stuff the Russian government will be only too happy to translate and show to Russians

17 May, 2018

Social media networks were thrown into an uproar after an American journalist advised Ukraine to blow up a recently constructed bridge between the Crimean Peninsula and mainland Russia.

As Russia celebrated the opening of a massive 19-kilometer-long bridge across the Kerch Strait, which now allows traffic to flow, American journalist Tom Rogan suggested in his article published by Washington Examiner that Ukraine should blow the bridge up

According to the author, “Ukraine should now destroy elements of the bridge” because the structure is apparently “an outrageous affront to Ukraine’s very credibility as a nation.”

The journalist also insisted that the US should support Ukraine in this matter, promptly providing a link to another article of his titled “Don’t Worry, the US Would Win a Nuclear War With Russia.”

A large number of social media users, however, found Rogan’s vision shocking and wondered whether his proposal amounted to promoting terrorism.

The Russian Embassy in the United States also said in a statement that “freedom of speech cannot justify incitement to commit terrorist acts” and that Rogan’s article goes “way beyond the boundaries of journalist ethics.”

Source: Sputnik