All of the meatheads, who tell you not to bother them with politics, are exactly what a crooked system needs. They are playing straight into the hands of the criminal classes, by whom we are controlled. The only kind of ‘democracy’ for those controllers, is the one that conforms to their sinister aims. It would be fair to claim, that there is not one truly democratic country remaining. Thanks to those whom cannot be bothered to go to the trouble of checking out the background of politicians and at least attempting to vote sensibly.

This lack of concern, of the average person, mingled with crass stupidity, which is the hallmark of the average man in the street, has allowed the cynical demolition of a major part of the planet, under the cover of the blatant lie that “Our Boys” are attempting to honour Johnny Foreigner, with a fairer system of control, but we ‘unfortunately,’ keep getting things wrong.

That dear reader, is an absolute load of bullshit. “Our Boys” are nothing more than paid killers, working for the mob. They should have, long ago, refused to obey illegal orders, like those calling for the bombing of civilian areas, that is called a War Crime. Sadly, most of the Peace Bringers, NATO and the United Nations, are also under Mob control, so they scold but never punish the Big Boys.

These cynical political puppets, all across the White Christian ‘Democratic’ world, are now ‘unfortunately’ getting it wrong, by allowing the entry, without vetting,  of hundreds of thousands of rapists, child molesters and murderers into our midst, into countries where the populations are already going through difficult times, because the same contemptible scum, deliberately destroyed their own indigenous industry, by ‘accidentally’ allowing it all to be exported to the lands of cheap labour and they then, fought the ‘good fight,’ to set up ‘Free Trade’ agreements to ‘accidentally’ allow the dumping of cheap crap without tariff into our austerity strapped markets.

So to sum up, the result of what can only be politely called, a lack of ‘democratic’ awareness at home, which out of ‘boredom’ has allowed it to die on its feet, we are now allowing, without concern, this mythical ‘Democratic’ nonsense to be bombed down the throats of the People of the Islamic World.

While this is happening, all around us our own ‘civilisation’ is also being destroyed, by allowing the hordes of those whom have no understanding whatsoever of birth control, to swarm into White Europe, where they have no intention of integrating and are already raping our women and children without restraint. Which means European man is being replaced, while we, through our illegal wars are making this possible. What is so difficult to understand about that?

We are now being told that the ‘Peoples’ internet must now be controlled by the government. Why does the government get involved in a resource that should remain free. They are even setting up false web sites on-line, which offer advice on ‘how to be a terrorist’ so that they can use that as an excuse to go after those like me, who try to present a different view.

Events in Myanmar, where there is an ongoing attempt to murder or eject a Muslim population, towards an unknown destination, there is International concern and calls for the sainted Leader with the strange name, Aung San Suu Kyi, who like those other ordained peace lovers, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger, Manachem Begin and Shimon Peres, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, to have her prize withdrawn, all of the others whom I mentioned were of course Bolshevik Communists and there were no calls for them to hand back their prize because of their bloody campaigns, which murdered millions of people.

A large number of European politicians happily describe themselves as Friends of Israel. A British fabricated land, where a long time plan of ‘ethnic cleansing’ has been taking place, which has murdered and destroyed the homes of hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

Throughout this bloody campaign, no help whatsoever has been offered to these, Palestinian Muslims, whom have had their homes destroyed by Israel, whereas all of the other, errant Muslim States, have been destroyed by NATO, while Gaza was destroyed by Israel, demonstrating quite clearly, that as with Germany, in World War Two, the so-called ‘bad dictators’ are not the target, it is the people themselves whom are being culled, both in the Christian and Muslim Worlds. Why no efforts to put a stop to Israel’s barbarity, I ask with a smile on my face?

Not doing so would suggest there to be a hidden agenda, operating full in the face of the sleeping mass of people.  The Agenda is in fact in full view, it has been published in several versions, originally it was the Communist Manifesto, then Agenda 21 and finally Agenda 2030, it has been put in place, as was World War Two, by a group of people, whom just by chance, happen to belong to a certain religion or whom vow allegiance to that religion.

Within the pages of these documents, there are many of those things, which we are told ‘people will never stand for’ but which are being introduced in spite of these claims of possible opposition. All of these proposals are skulking behind talk of ‘sustainability’ which can be used to justify whatsoever the Government so chooses.  For example, we are all aware of the tenet in Marxism which has decided ‘property is theft’, are we not? That has now been extended, in the name of ‘sustainability’ to include not only your own house and home but private transport, which is why all across the world, there are schemes to install tramways and cycle tracks, while private cars are being eliminated, through restrictions on entering urban areas and on the carbon emissions from the exhaust. We will all be forced to live in a Hegelian system of People being the Problem, the contaminated Earth the reaction and Sustainability the Solution. The solution being to the benefit of those whom will be allowed to retain their riches and freedom and live on the outside of the system of course.

Cash will be the next target and all of those ‘bright’ and ‘cool’ people whom believe that to be a good idea, will rapidly change their minds when they see what a disastrous affect it will have on their freedom.

We are already being subjected to a relentless bout of false terrorist attacks, all of which are carefully choreographed, to deny any idle spectator, the chance to witness the falsehood which is being contrived.

I personally heard, Bill Dod, on RT UK, interview a woman at the Manchester Arena, on the night of the Ariana Grande concert, who left early, because her daughter needed the toilet and they decided that as the last song was already being sung, that they would be better off leaving before the rush. When they attempted to leave the building, by the exit, leading to the area in which the bomb exploded, a line of security men blocked their passage and told them to leave by another exit. The woman explained how she actually heard the explosion, which in her words was muffled, as the music played on.

The following day, as I was writing my post, I searched all through Russia Today News on YouTube and listened to reports on Live News, but all traces of Dod’s report had vanished. To me that implies complicity.

Reports like those in Manchester, Westminster Bridge and London Bridge, all of which have a strangeness about them, will be used to force everybody to accept the banning of cash because it is too useful for terrorists and all payments will in future be recorded, mainly for the Tax Man. In the grim near future, there will be little need to fill in Tax Returns, as every move you make will be recorded.

These restrictions are never intended to stop terrorism, far from it, they are intended for us. Very soon it will be impossible to do anything without either your ‘chip’ or a fully charged identity card, which you will need to enter any public building or large Food Hall, which will be scanned before entry, and marked in your ‘dossier’ which will be in the hands of either the Police or some other Intelligence gathering organisation. They already have our ‘eye-prints’ on passports and other files, and the recognition cameras are being put on trial in public places.

I believe that even now, there are sensors all over the place, some of them registering on the computers in modern cars, which is why they are insisting that we scrap older cars. When this is achieved, along all roads and highways they will place sensors, which will detect your speed and other information, which will soon be available to the Traffic Police, whom are already applying for the power to interrogate the onboard computer in your car, to make sure that all of your little crimes, while driving have been directly paid from your credit account, to the government.

We are being told that ‘Idealists’ believe in the new system of sustainability, while at the same time, a Europe which has embraced this ideology, by reducing its population, to a sustainable level, is now being told that there is need to import millions of those whom breed like idiots.

I refuse to believe that a small country, with 60 million inhabitants, needs any more. Should that be so, how are those countries, which have a mere 40 million inhabitants coping and would it not be better to find that out, instead of importing what will only make the problem worse in the future. There is talk of an immigrant family in Germany, a man with three wives and twenty-three children, being paid thirty-five thousand Euros a month in Social payments, is that what they call sustainable?

Some of the suggested remedies for our current financial problems are far too complicated for me to understand. It is being suggested that we the people be ‘monetised,’ I certainly do not like the sound of that and when I found it to be organisations like the shady Club of Rome, the European Commission, the OECD and the World Wild Life Fund, which were discussing these changes, the alarm bells started to ring very loudly indeed.

Across the European Union, there has been a rush to elect, city or regional mayors. Unlike in past times, these mayors will automatically  belong to a private group of International Mayors and they will receive their instructions from a centrallised, unelected body. This is all part of the coming International control of all countries, through unelected Commissions, sitting in secret, while passing their decisions through  quasi governments, similar to that of the European Union and the United States Union, which actually includes Canada and Mexico in the unmentionable NAU the North American Union.

Any discussions, whether about the economic structure, the political structure or any other structure, held by our politicians is part of the scheme to introduce a system of control, which will be based on a small number of principles, Eugenics, restrictions on proletariat wealth, i.e. the sharing of the workers wages with poorer countries, the Carbon Tax, education, land use and an equitable system of justice. Have you ever heard of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, if not you are not alone.

A while back, during election time, one of our local Mayors, a Socialist, was out in the streets garnering support for the Socialist candidate in the coming election. I asked him a question about Agenda 21 and from whom he had received permission to sign on to it, without first presenting the public with any relevant information?

He blustered and said the usual stuff, that all he had signed on to was to make cycle paths and save the butterflies and all that nonsense, which is quite harmless and voluntary, however ICLEI is not at all harmless because that is mandatory, once it has been signed. He refused to reply to my question. To embarrass him I asked people who were listening to us, if they had ever heard of Agenda 21? Nobody had ever heard of it never mind ICLEI. At which point the Mayor’s security man pulled him away.

One of the results of this lack of knowledge has been the destruction of the French system of local Democracy, which has been Centralised, into the hands of the ‘Private’ Department of Developement Durable, which has power over the elected Mayor, all of it taking place without a word to the French people.

An employee of this Mayor, quietly told me that she was aware of the move to clear the surrounding country-side of human beings. Only wild animals will be allowed to enter these reserves. This is the Wildlands Project and it is being put in place all across the planet, in the UK is in the hands of The Lynx Society, I have already written about this some time ago.  here

All of these things which are being presented in various ways as a means to arrive at a better future for one and all, are being discussed by the very people whom have maintained us in a state of total war for the past seventy years, while they quietly installed their new system. So you can be sure that it will not be us who gain from these changes. These people have all of the wealth, so being Communists,  why have they not already shared it?

The real reason behind Sustainable Development is to allow all resources to fall into the hands of the Money Lenders. They already have control of our foodstuffs, our water, our power generation, they own most of the land and now they want the rest of it and when they have been allowed to grab everything, it will suddenly become clear that it is the Government of another country, which now owns planet Earth, with an electronic system, which our own elected leaders have installed, with our money, to give them total control of ‘us’, for their “Friends.”