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Eden Their Paradise !

samir alramahi By samir alramahi
on August 22, 2010

The Israeli female soldier {Eden} Published last week in the social network (Facebook) pictures of her with handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners in the West Bank, degrading them via the Web.
The director of the Committee against Torture in Israel, Yishai Mnouhin, said: “The images reflect the harsh approach behavior toward the Palestinians as no more humane that ignore their feelings as human beings and their right to privacy.”
He added that:.. “It seems that the female soldier, which published the photos in Facebook enjoyed insulting detainees and ignored the right not to publish their photographs in humiliating positions.”

Very Important Note: Eden means paradise in Arabic and Hebrew

Published on 27 Aug 2010

They must not ‘leak’ photos of torture or posing with dead Palestinians especially on Facebook. The World must not know what the Israeli Army is doing to them. ISRAEL – FACEBOOK SCANDAL: A Soldier post photos of herself smiling next to dead Arab prisoners. Israeli NGO “Breaking the Silence” tries to bring those trash pictures to people’s attention. Reuploaded from france24english’s channel-…