18 Apr, 2018


https://i2.wp.com/www.dvber.co.uk/csu/RT/Headline+News/2016-05-19-0800_2589643347/RT_Headline+News_2016-05-19-0800.jpgBritain’s broadcast watchdog OFCOM has announced it has opened seven investigations into the ‘due impartiality’ of the RT news channel over its reporting on the Salisbury poisoning.

Since the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal last month, the British broadcast watchdog claimed to have seen an increase in the number of programs on RT that “warrant investigation.”

OFCOM announced in a press release, published on its website, that “the investigations form part of an Ofcom update, published today, into the licences held by TV Novosti, the company that broadcasts RT.

Until recently, TV Novosti’s overall compliance record has not been materially out of line with other broadcasters.

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“However, since the events in Salisbury, we have observed a significant increase in the number of programmes on the RT service that warrant investigation as potential breaches of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code.

OFCOM’s investigation is looking into two news broadcasts, two episodes of Sputnik, two episodes of Crosstalk and one from ‘Worlds Apart with Oksana Boyko.’

The watchdog declared it would announce the “outcome of these investigations as soon as possible.

Following a March parliamentary debate in which Theresa May announced sanctions against Russia, during which a number of MPs called for the channel to be taken off air, RT said it was “regrettable” that it risked being “sacrificed as a political pawn, in one fell swoop doing away with any concept of press freedom in the UK“.

We disagree with the position taken by Ofcom; our broadcasting has in no way changed this week, from any other week and continues to adhere to all standards,” RT said in a statement.

By linking RT to unrelated matters, Ofcom is conflating its role as a broadcasting regulator with matters of state. RT remains a valuable voice in the UK news landscape, covering vital yet neglected stories and voices, including those of the many MPs and other UK public figures who have been shut out of public discourse by the mainstream media.”