Published on 16 Apr 2018

John Bolton recently stated that America will be in Tehran, Iran before 2019. In order for that to happen, it will require an American and NATO invasion with boots on the ground in Iran to conduct regime change.
Donald J Trump is a war president! He has selected his war cabinet. And in the remaining minutes of America, the United States is going to return to the neoconservative doctrine of preemptive war, regime change, imperialism, and chaos.
It is happening before our eyes. John Bolton oversaw the recent bombing in Syria. He is going to also oversee many military campaigns that are approaching, because ladies and gentlemen, this is just the beginning.
False Flags are Coming.
Prepare to see another chemical attack in Syria, as well as other false flags events throughout the world. When they occur, some of them will be blamed on the Axis of Evil, which includes Iran, North Korea, and now Syria.
Get ready folks! Get your lives in order.
Nathan Leal