“Might Makes Right” 
Now Reigns Supreme
Across The Planet

State of the Nation

The Bottom Line regarding Trump’s tragic missile attack on Syria is that:

“The international rule of law has been effectively
and what little was left of the global order
has been destroyed.”

Trump supporters and opponents across the political spectrum have been trying to spin the patently unlawful U.S. missile attack on Syria since it occurred on Friday the 13th.  Some of those explanations may be accurate; however, many attempt to justify what is essentially a war crime.

Regardless of the position or perspective taken, one thing is for certain:

“Planet Earth is now ruled according to the law
of the jungle.  And the United States, United Kingdom, France, Israel and other Western powers are the co-rulers of that jungle.”

In view of the recent American attempts to transparently manipulate the U.N. Security Council to collectively approve of this war crime in Syria, it’s quite clear why the attack was conducted. See: ‘Security Council, unite’: US, UK & France want UN to back their illegal Syria strikes

KEY POINT: As the de facto world policeman, the USA has been systematically used to incrementally destroy the rule of law.  By consistently flouting the rule of international law over decades, an unbroken succession of U.S. presidents has greatly undermined the global order.  Many a POTUS has been manipulated into this unfortunate predicament by the hidden powers that oversee the Oval Office.  Some call it the shadow government; others call it the Very Deep State.

Multiple goals

Just like every illegal invasion or false flag attack perpetrated by the Western powers, there are various objectives they wish to accomplish.

In the case of Trump’s second missile launch at Syria, this Zio-Anglo-Franco-American Axis seeks to impose their own arbitrary rule of law…upon Syria, the Middle East, and eventually the world-at-large.  Foisting this new law of the land and the seas upon the world community of nations is certainly not a new enterprise.  It’s been done as long as there has been empire-building.

Make no mistake about it: the ostentatious show of brute military force in Syria was about showing the whole world who’s boss.  The US, UK, France and Israel are it.  And Trump was chosen to lead this stealthy endeavor to establish a tyrannical rule of law around the globe—Yankee-style!

No one can do it like the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, especially with Hollywood special effects and Mockingbird Media backing up the whole cynical production.  Just like World War II, the Brits and the Frogs are always right there in a supporting role.

Then there is the prime instigator—I S R A E L !

Israel’s Cat’s paw

Just as the United States of America has been surreptitiously set up as the military arm of the New World Order, the covert headquarters of the NWO is Israel.  The apartheid state of Israel was deliberately established as a criminally rogue nation that could serve as the despotic arm of the World Shadow Government.

Israel was given total command and control of the U.S. Federal Government so that the American military could be deployed whenever an international police action was deemed necessary.  Or wherever an outright invasion was needed to depose an uncooperative junta installed by the U.S. and it’s allies.

The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order

Herein lies the root of the problem: all of the most powerful militaries within NATO — US, UK, France, Germany, and Italy — are completely controlled by the Rothschild banking cartel.

The United States, in particular, is not only hosting a Zionist-occupied government (ZOG), the U.S. military answers directly to Tel Aviv.  The numerous unprovoked wars of naked aggression fought by the American troops and airmen since 1990 throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa clearly reflects this indisputable reality.

The decision-makers in the Rothschild banking cartel will not tolerate any dissent where it concerns world governance.  This particular banking bloodline has been running the show for millennia, and they will brook no opposition to their NWO agenda leading to their totalitarian One World Government.

— End of story —

Well, not quite.  But that’s the gist of the story.

War: Business of the Banksters

If there’s one thing the banksters really love, it’s the tremendous revenue generation that occurs with war.  Protracted armed conflicts are especially profitable.  The arms industry is one of the most lucrative there is.  As Major General Smedley Butler once said, “War is a racket.”  And so it is; perhaps even the greatest money-making racket of all time.

Because the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) is completely controlled by the banking cartel, their symbiotic and incestuous relationship guarantees a civilization rife with war.  In the wake of so much death and destruction, the agents of disaster capitalism always show up to rebuild after the demolition phase has ended.

Anyone who has watched the incessant warmongering in the Mideast has seen this exact dynamic at work for decades.  Great swaths of the Northern Levant, for example, have been transformed into a dystopian post-apocalyptic wasteland.  This ongoing scheme of purposeful and pervasive devastation is by design.

Not only does such utter destruction send a message to any country thinking of leaving the NWO reservation, it produces a predatory capitalist’s paradise with a mere shower of bombs.  The banksters are just like those personal injury lawyers who chase the ambulances; except their partners in the MIC are told exactly when and where to drop the bombs.  What a racket?

Do you get it?

Those Tomahawk cruise missiles that were just fired at Syria were aimed at specific targets.  What their precise payloads were is anyone’s guess.  Some have even speculated whether they were delivering a newfangled bioweapons.  Knowing the dismal record of the U.S. military and their black ops which commit war crimes, anything goes.

Irrespective of what the purpose(s) was of illicitly launching those 120 missiles at a sovereign nation, one thing predictably follows—chaos.  That’s because the NWO globalist cabal first sow seeds of chaos wherever they intend to foist a new regime into power.

Ordo Ab Chao

C H A O S !  That’s what war always guarantees.  An immediate future of political pandemonium, social tumult and economic mayhem always result to some degree.  So do governmental disarray, financial turmoil and business disorder.

Out of this post-war chaos, the NWO perps seek to create new state entities where lawlessness and anarchy rule the day.  Only in this manufactured environment can the predatory capitalists take advantage of the sheer desperation and overwhelming needs that inevitably manifest.

Iraq and Syria, Afghanistan and Libya, Tunisia and Yemen, Palestine and Lebanon are some of the nations that have been victimized in this way.  However, it’s really Iran that the Neocon Zionists want to conquer.  And the surest way to Tehran passes right through Damascus. See: TARGET IRAN: The Neocon Zionist Plan for an Apocalyptic War in the Mideast

The Powers That Be (TPTB) know full well that the only way to sufficiently soften up any population is to “shock and awe” them.  Only when the people have sunk to certain depths of despair will they be open to their new masters who always promise them protection.  These are basically nationwide protection rackets.  That’s how many governments actually operate these days.

It really is like General Butler said, only in this case war is also the predicate to lifelong protection rackets.  Families and businesses in perpetual war zones around the world find themselves needing protection from all sorts of new enemies, most of them fabricated by the local warlords in collusion with the banksters.

This  “divide and rule” strategy is the very basis of the New World Order.  It’s explicit purpose is to re-engineer the entire civilization so that everyone is in enough fear that they demand protection.  That’s the implied purpose and main function of the globalist’s One World Government.

For those nations and societies that have been spared full-scale war, they are treated to countless other variations of the Hegelian Dialectic.   Unrelenting false flag mass shootings and bombings are just two ways in which the populace is victimized by these shock and awe techniques.  Ultimately, the citizenry will cede their rights and liberties for the false security promised by their Big Brother government.

This Problem~Reaction~Solution blueprint is currently being utilized the world over, but primarily in ways that occur under the radar.  Of course, the American people have experienced many different types of false flag operations over the years, as they have other types of physical attacks and psychic assaults.  These highly manipulative machinations executed in broad daylight are designed to instill a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness.  In this way, even the most fiercely independent and anti-establishment Americans will succumb, so TPTB think.

What’s the point?

This is how the New World Order agenda is being implemented continent by continent, country by country, city by city.  And every nation within the Zio-Anglo-Franco-American Axis plays a crucial role in this mostly furtive global plan.

The USA, because of its post World War II position as world policeman, cannot be permitted to leave the NWO reservation.  As much as President Trump expressed his intentions to liberate the nation from the grasp of the NWO globalist cabal, he is instead being insidiously co-opted by them.  Because of how cunning his adversaries really are, he probably does not even know what’s really going on.  The following article provides just a glimpse into what the POTUS now faces.

ALERT: Syria first strike in World War 3 – Deep Analysis

As the reader can see, the President Donald Trump back story is so much more complicated and convoluted, crazy and complex than anyone knows.  The preceding analysis only scratches the surface of the countless conspiratorial plots that are being run in the background against the POTUS.  Not even an AI entity programmed with autonomous superintelligence could figure out the many stratagems being carried out against the Trump administration by the day. (e.g. SOS: Q-squared Delivers a Set of Serious Messages About the POTUS)

The critical point here is that the power elite presently exercises complete command and control of the planet.  That doesn’t mean that things cannot change.  When they do, the reversal of fortune for the TPTB can occur in the blink of any eye.  The real critical point then is: “When?”  When will the patriots know that it ‘s time to light their torches and grab the pitchforks?

Special Note:
No matter how much of a patriot and nationalist President Trump truly is, launching 120 missiles into a sovereign nation totally outside the rubric of international law, federal law and all other generally accepted conventions is highly disruptive to world peace.  Such a serious war crime is anathema to the maintenance of the global order.   How would the POTUS react were President Bashar al-Assad to fire a barrage of missiles inside the Beltway?  It appears that the globalists have somehow convinced Trump that Washington, D.C. is sacred territory whereas Damascus can be used for target practice.  How do you spell:

American Exceptionalism? 

KEY POINT: One of our SOTN legal eagles made the following observation
about Trump’s misguided and reckless missile attack. “He not only violated
the UN Charter and the Nuremberg rulings, he had no legal authority to
attack Syria as a pure matter of US constitutional law!”


Because the president really does believe that the American people and their property are more valuable than those of other countries, he has twice conducted a missile attack on the innocent Syrian government based on obviously false evidence.  Even if either (or both) false flag chemical attack was committed by Assad’s forces, Trump has absolutely no right to play judge and jury, prosecutor and executioner in the matter.  In so doing, he is playing God.

The Trumpsters ought to deeply contemplate this message to the POTUS.

President Trump is being used to shatter the international rule of law.  Trump is now a proven war criminal. Trump just destroyed his presidency. Trump is a one term president, if that.


State of the Nation
April 15, 2018

Editor’s Note

There is an utterly absurd narrative being promoted throughout the Alt Media that explains how Trump is somehow playing 5D chess with this attack on Syria…which is really an attack on Deep State.  First of all, none of these commentators even know the most basic facts about the missile launch.  What they think they know comes from a LARP known as Q (aka as Q Anon).  Simply put, these folks don’t even know what they don’t know…about anything regarding this unlawful military operation in Syria.  Nonetheless, how can Trump (or anybody else in the room) justify such an egregious assault on the sovereignty of a war-torn nation like Syria.  This distorted logic is a reflection of how desperate Trump supporters are to justify his worst presidential actions.  With that said, Trump quite tellingingly made common cause with two of the most reprehensible Rothschild-controlled prime minsters—Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron.  The US, UK and France together committed the war crime in Syria with Trump leading the charge.  Which is why all three of them have been called Netanyahu’s Three Stooges.[1]


[1] TRUMP Reality Check by Q²: Everyone needs to read this!

Via: http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=98231

See also: https://truthersworld.co.uk/2018/04/15/us-uk-france-want-new-intl-order-with-no-un-supervision/