Published on 14 Apr 2018

Will Wertz in this discussion with LaRouchePAC activists, dissects the British lies which have led to the coup against Donald Trump, the Skripal poisoning hoax intended to march the U.S. toward war with Russia, and the false flag chemical attack in Syria which led, Donald Trump, on April 13th, to launch missile strikes in Syria. While the President understands the British role in the coup against him, he has either not understood or feels powerless to act against the British lies in the Skripal or Syria cases. Thus, he was trapped into taking the very actions he promised millions of people who voted for him that he would never take. We need to act now to stop the march to war with Russia and China being led by a bankrupt Anglo-Dutch Empire desperate to save itself. Because it acted recklessly, it now can be fully exposed. For example, the poison used in the Skripal case is BZ, according to a Swiss lab working with the OCPW, a chemical never used or developed by Russia but a chemical which was developed and used by the U.S. and the U.K. The Syria “crime scene,” is under control of the Russians and the OCPW and others should be able to expose the British lies fully. We have an unparalleled opportunity to end the tyranny imposed on humanity following Franklin Roosevelt’s death, but it depends on how we act in the next days and weeks.