Matt Dathan ¯@matt_dathan 27 Sep 2016
Ambassador of Israel Mark Regev arrives at the Labour party conference with heavy security detail – you can’t see the other two body guards
Nureddin Sabir, Editor, Redress Information & Analysis, writes:

Readers of this website will know that Israel’s penetration of the British political system is deep and all pervasive, with stooges and flag wavers infesting every nook and cranny of the establishment – political parties, think-tanks, the media and academic institutions.

Now an investigation by Aljazeera TV has exposed for the whole world to see how the Israel lobby influences British politics. A six-month undercover investigation reveals how Israel penetrates different levels of British democracy.

Episode One

In part one, Aljazeera Investigations reveals how pro-Israel groups are trying to influence Britain’s youth.

Episode Two

In part two, Aljazeera’s undercover reporter joins a delegation from the Israeli embassy at last year’s Labour Party Conference.

Episode Three

In part three, Aljazeera’s undercover reporter witnesses a heated conversation between two opposing activists. The evidence raises serious questions about whether accusations of anti-Semitism are used to stifle political debate.

Episode Four

In part four, the senior political officer at the Israeli embassy in London discusses a potential plot to “take down” British politicians – including a minster.