April 1, 2018

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A woman expresses love in terms of 
surrender, i.e. trust. She empowers 
her husband by accepting his leadership,
and by believing in him.
Women exchange power for love. They want
to be dominated by their husband’s love. 
(Disclaimer – There is more than one way to find happiness. I am not trying to impose this template but rather to say that it has worked for centuries. This is why it is being eroded by the usual suspects.) 
Possession is Part of Marriage 
(Revised from Dec. 2009)
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

My wife recently asked me why I loved her.

Rather than enumerate her good qualities, I answered honestly: “Because you belong to me.”
At the risk of being politically incorrect,  many men do not seek great beauty, brains or sex, but the simple feeling of “possessing” a woman. In other words, what they seek is a degree of ownership or power. This is part of masculine identity.

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And many women have the complementary desire, to totally “belong” to their husband.  Feminine identity.
In a blog post, Joseph William, in his thirties, claims he has slept with 100 women and nearly all of them wanted to be dominated in bed.  They wanted the man to take charge. This has a general application.  Women want men to take the initiative. They indicate interest by their acquiescence or rejection.
The essence of heterosexuality is the exchange of female power for male power expressed as love. This is the heterosexual contract. If a woman is not submissive or a man unloving, the contract has been broken, and they must consider separation.
William remarks that #MeToo has thrown a spanner into this dynamic. Men and women now are walking on eggshells.
When a woman surrenders to her husband, she gives him the power to grant her wishes, or not. He does not exploit, control or dominate. He respects her individuality and freedom.
He wants her to want to be his.
He consults and nurtures.  He makes the final decision.  Every family needs a head. A creature with two heads is a monster.
We have a powerful hunger to become one with another person. Two people only can become one when a woman surrenders to her husband. This is how women love. Two people cannot become one if they have competing agendas.
The greater a woman’s acceptance her husband’s leadership, the greater his love for her. When the issue of worldly power is settled, a husband’s sense of self expands to encompass his wife. She becomes part of his ego.


He loves her passionately because she has given herself to him. She has given him everything he wants.
Women were designed to crave a man’s passionate and exclusive love. But feminism (ensures) they will never get it because it teaches them to act like they want to be “independent.”
In “The Power of Sexual Surrender” psychiatrist Marie Robinson writes that femininity is based on “an essential female altruism” i.e. putting husband and children first.  Real women do not seek power. They seek love. They are cherished because they dedicate themselves to husband and children.
Women express love in terms of surrender, i.e. trust. She empowers her husband by submitting to him.  Thus, she inspires him to sacrifice for her and their children. Women domesticate men and give them purpose.
Of course, this surrender applies only to the man she loves, the man who has courted her and won her love. If she gives her trust to the wrong man, that is her responsibility. Similarly, a man should win a woman’s love by his sterling character.

Because the Illuminati bankers control the media and nearly everything else, most of us are ignorant of how egregious and criminal their social engineering is.
Men are active by nature; women are passive. This is the basic yin-yang of nature.  By messing with this dynamic, Illuminati social engineers (black magicians?) are throwing sand in the gears of human reproduction and happiness. Their interference with heterosexual children at a formative stage is criminal. They should be charged with child abuse.
This is what Satanists do -override nature. They are evil. They hate us and we have every right to hate them and their minions in government, education and the media.
But we won’t hate them because, like the bears at Yellowstone, they are only looking for their next feed. They will do or say whatever they must to get ahead, even sell out their fellow man. Then said Jesus, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”